Sep 05, 22

What is the difference between paperboard and corrugated board?

Appearance: Corrugated boards are thicker and sturdier than paperboards. Corrugated board consists of several layers of paper, most commonly three layers, where the middle layer is in an undulating shape. This composition makes the corrugated board very stiff and material efficient. Paperboard can also consist of several layers, but then more tightly together and not visible to the human eye.

Colours: Paperboard can come in various colours: brown (which is the natural shade for unbleached board), white (when fibres have gone through bleaching), grey (if made from recycled fibres) or coloured brown (coloured recycled fibres). Some fancy paperboards also can have all imaginable colours, but the most common shades are the ones mentioned. Corrugated boards are often brown, but you can also find white corrugated boards which are used when the printing motive is more complex or advanced. 


When to choose paperboard vs corrugated board?

Although both paperboard and corrugated board can be used for various applications and replace each other in some cases, corrugated board is mostly used for shipping boxes whilst paperboard is used for product packaging or retail boxes. Both packaging materials can be used in creative ways to enhance the brand and improve the customer experience. However, the creative variations when it comes to shapes, prints and effects are much larger with paperboard.