Sep 05, 22

How to brand your packaging


One common misinterpretation is that you need to buy large volumes of packaging to make it economically viable with custom brand packaging since it will be too costly in small quantities. This is not correct since there are several ways for you to brand your packaging design without overspending your packaging budget. Let´s go through some options.


Printed packaging

One of the most obvious and easiest ways to brand your packaging is by print. You can add your logo, brand elements or specific artworks and texts on the packaging to make it more representative of your brand. There are different printing techniques of which digital printing is more flexible and can be used for smaller quantities. Many of our vendors' boxes are available for printing from 30 units. Find them here.


Paperboard sleeves

Another effective alternative are paperboard sleeves – a good option if your packaging type doesn't allow print customization for the quantities you are interested in. The sleeve can be printed with digital technology so that you can add your logo, product information or QR code.


Customized hang tags

Hang tags are similar to paperboard sleeves and might not be applicable on all products but work perfectly on clothes, accessories and toys. They are simple to customize, easy to attach to the product with a string and available for fairly low costs.   


Sticker labels and tapes

Customized labels, stickers and tapes are easy and cost-efficient alternatives. They can also be used to seal your packaging and show the consumer if the packaging has been tampered with. Make sure to ask for sustainable options and avoid choices that might disturb the recycling process of the material that the stickers are adhered to. You can find different types of sustainable sticker printing and tape here.